Our Approach

Whether marketing a new product or communicating a nonprofit’s mission, companies and organizations are having to face increasingly segmented audiences categorized by socioeconomics, cultural heritage, language, lifestyles, and education, just to name a few. The question is how to reach them efficiently and within the context that is best suited for your campaign. Success hinges on an organization’s ability to break through the noise and emotionally connect with its audience. So, how well do you know them? Are you sensitive to their habits and purchasing choices? How about their use of language in and out of home, when talking business or socializing with family and friends? What type of media do they consume? More importantly, what do they think of you?

Cultural Strategies helps companies and organizations build relationships with their customers and audiences.  At Cultural Strategies, we create vehicles and opportunities that allow our client’s voice to be heard in the right spaces. Let us help you remain relevant through a process we promise will be nothing short of inclusive, methodical, and imaginative.