Designed Solutions

Our agency’s work is guided by a design-thinking approach that promotes empathy and puts our target audience at the core of everything.  This human-centered design methodology helps us understand the psychology of our target audience and how to create innovative solutions to meet their needs and influence the behavior a campaign desires.

Our Philosophy
Culture has a personality.  What do we mean by this? It’s commonly understood that culture in marketing characterizes ethnicity, but in fact the definitions are endless. We are all connected to and participate in many cultures. And those cultures, whether corporate, organic, fashion or hard rock, have unique personalities with traits that are influenced by needs and challenges, by stories and symbols, by movements and revolutions; and most importantly by the people that make them.

Our work begins by thinking deeply with our target audience; about aspirations, pains, about the relationships they have with others, where they’re going and have been. We learn who and what are the influential forces in their lives, both formal and informal.  We study what they share in words and behaviors, and we learn what moves them to action.

Our discipline is to look for those sparks between two personalities, a brand and a target, and help them build a relationship.