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We’re ready to hire a marketing devotee who understands the value of peer-based communications in online and offline environments. Our work requires someone who is adept at research, a sharpshooter with words, an engineer of experiences with a history of moving individuals to action. A bicultural switch-hitter with true confidence in their Spanish. Bring solutions with your resume and get ready to talk about public policy, public engagement, advocacy, healthcare, and designed approaches to branding and communications. We’re a small agency that likes to have fun with people who’ve wrestled their egos to the ground.

Cultural Strategies Wins Gold in 30th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards

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Austin-Based Multicultural Communications Firm Recognized for Harris County Healthcare Alliance First Priority Campaign

Austin and Houston, Tex. (July 3, 2013) – Austin-based multicultural marketing agency Cultural Strategies Inc. has received a Gold Award in the 30th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards. Cultural Strategies won the award in the “Total Ad Campaign Without TV” category for its First Priority campaign on behalf of the Harris County Healthcare Alliance.

The First Priority campaign was an effort to assist 10 separate community health centers increase awareness of their clinics within the Houston community. As part of the campaign’s advertising strategy, Cultural Strategies conducted primary research with patients and stakeholders to develop a message and tools that would facilitate referrals within the community. “We learned that existing patients within our participating health centers were eager to share the high quality care they receive but lacked the tools,” said Sebastian Puente, President of Cultural Strategies. “Many working families struggle to afford healthcare and are delighted to discover the accessibility in cost and locations the participating centers offer.”

In addition to training over 80 individual health ambassadors, First Priority helped establish working partnerships with the Houston Independent School District and Neighborhood Centers Inc. News media coverage of the campaign’s developments helped prospective patients locate services through a comprehensive web site and toll-free referral service. Print materials including a custom magazine were created to elevate the conversation and provide direct calls to action.

Cultural Strategies was one of nearly 4,000 entries in this year’s Healthcare Advertising Awards, making it the largest healthcare advertising awards competition, and one of the 10th largest of all advertising awards. A national panel of judges reviewed all entries based on creativity, quality, message effectiveness, consumer appeal, graphic design and overall impact.

The Healthcare Advertising Awards are sponsored by the Healthcare Marketing Report; a complete listing of the winners can be found on the publication’s website.

Cultural Strategies Receives Two Aster Awards for Health Care Marketing Excellence

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Austin-Based Multicultural Communications Firm Recognized for Harris County Healthcare Alliance and Seton Healthcare Family Campaigns

Austin and Houston, Tex. (July 3, 2013) – Austin-based boutique marketing agency Cultural Strategies Inc. won two Aster Awards for its health care marketing and advertising work on behalf of the Harris County Healthcare Alliance and Seton Healthcare Family.

Cultural Strategies received the two awards in the “Multilingual Advertising Series” category:

  • A Silver award for its “With You Every Step of the Way” advertising campaign to highlight Seton Health Plan’s long-standing reputation as a health care provider in Austin and the surrounding areas, and its commitment to customer service and care; and
  • A Bronze award for its work with the Harris County Healthcare Alliance on its First Priority initiative in an effort to assist 10 separate community health centers increase awareness of their clinics within the Houston community.

The Aster Awards, hosted by Creative Images Inc., is a medical marketing awards program in which similarly sized health care organizations and advertising agencies from across the nation and world compete against each other annually. Entries are scored, judged and recognized for excellence in health care marketing and advertising. A full list of winners can be found on the Aster Awards website.

This is the Latino community’s time – and it’s about more than immigration

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Latinos are America’s largest minority, but we lag behind in education, political and business leadership

Juan Tornoe

If Paul Revere were alive today, he might be spreading the alarm that “The Latinos are coming! The Latinos are coming!” in order to appropriately prepare for the growth of America’s Hispanic community, already the largest minority group.

According to the US Census, Latinos contributed more than any other ethnic group to population growth last year. And no, it’s not all from immigration. Of the 1.15 million new Latinos, less than a quarter came from any sort of international migration. The rest were born to Hispanics already living in America.

How should “average red-blooded Americans” react to the fact that individuals with Hispanic heritage lead US population growth? There is the fear route (a la Paul Revere) or embracing as their own these new and diverse faces that are becoming an integral part of the American fabric and economy. I vote for the latter. How about you?

Read the complete article here


The 2013 Revolucionario Award Winners Have Been Unveiled

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CS-SR-2The Social Revolución to Honor Online Trendsetters at Official SXSW Latino Event

AUSTIN, Texas- March 7-()–Today The Social Revolución, the official Latino event at the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival celebrating online Latino trendsetters, is announcing the winners of the 2013 Revolucionario Awards. Seven award recipients from the United States and Latin America will be recognized at the Revolucionario Awards at The Social Revolución on March 12, 2013 at Ballet Austin.

Now in its second year at the SXSW Interactive Festival, The Social Revolución continues to recognize Latinos utilizing social media as a platform to create and inspire change. After over 23,000 online community votes and the evaluation of a panel of industry leaders serving as judges, seven winners were selected from the 170 nominations received in the following three categories. The New Americano recognizes trendsetting individuals and organizations impacting the Latino market online. The Mobilizer salutes Latinos using social media as a strategy to mobilize their audience behind local or international causes. Individuals redefining how Latinos are reached online, whether through a new app, website, or other digital tool, are celebrated in The Innovator category. The Líder of the Social Revolución is awarded to a recipient who embodies all three categories.

Winning The Mobilizer category are Axel Caballero and Joaquin H. Guerra. Caballero is the director and producer of Cuéntame, a non-profit media organization that invites Latinos to share their personal stories online and encourages political and community activism. He also runs MetaforaPolitica.com, a blog and public opinion forum in Spanish. Guerra is a digital strategist and immigrant advocate who used his professional background to spread the story of Walter Lara, an Argentine immigrant who embodies the common dilemma of an undocumented immigrant brought to the United States as a child and forced to return to his country of origin. Guerra continues to help the Latino community by working to build digital engagement capacity for non-profits servicing low-income communities.

Mi Vida Tec – with Rosa Alonso and Magaly Chocano were awarded in the The Innovator category. Mi Vida Tec – with Rosa Alonso uses social media to share new technology trends, digital and social news, and lifestyle tips in English and Spanish, while making the content relevant to Latino audiences. Chocano launched Swebapps, the first build-your-own-app platform, which has helped local, national, and global brands find their footing in the mobile space.

There was a three-way tie for the 2013 New Americano awards. This award went to Viviana HurtadoLaura Donnelly Gonzalez and Alicia Rascon and Dream Activists. Hurtado is an award-winning journalist and founder of The Wise Latinas Club, an online space to educate Latinas about the political process, spark civic engagement, and encourage community involvement. Donnelly Gonzalez and Rascon have empowered over 20,000 young Latinas through their non-profit organization Latinitas. By training young girls to use Web 2.0 platforms and technology, Latinitas is bringing a voice to a rising generation of New Americanas. Dream Activists is an online network of social media activists that advocate the enactment of the DREAM Act by sharing the stories of individual DREAMers online.

The 2013 Líder of the Revolución honor goes to all DREAMers, to the countless individuals and organizations that have borne and spread the dreamer movement. These Líderes demonstrate that being Americano is not defined by where you were born. Undocumented and unafraid, DREAMers have uniquely used social media and their online voice to strengthen their advocacy strategies and create opportunities that reflect our modern reality. Their message has united organizations and people, inspiring a movement with a clear objective–to open doors for immigrant students to realize their own American Dream.

Visit http://www.thesocialrevolucion.com to learn more about The Social Revolución. You can also find us on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/TheSocialRevolucionatSXSWi and Twitter https://twitter.com/RevolucionSXSWi.

The Social Revolucion Returns to 2013 SXSW Interactive

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Austin, TX - March 1, 2013 – The Social Revolucion, the official Latino event at the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival, is roaring back to life to celebrate online Latinos influencing cultural shifts and trends. On March 12, 2013, at Ballet Austin, The Social Revolucion will once again bring together SXSW conference attendees, Latino influencers, and innovators both on and offline. The event will include the Latino Lounge, Revolucionario Awards, and Party featuring official SXSW Music artists including Las Cafeteras, known for their vibrant musical fusion with a unique East LA sound. 

Now in its second year at the SXSW Interactive Festival, The Social Revolucion is an interactive movement that continues to recognize Latinos utilizing social media as a platform to create and inspire change by spreading ideas, fostering communities, and inspiring local and worldwide audiences into action. The Social Revolucion celebrates online Latino with the Revolucionario Awards at the Latino Lounge, and through the nomination process itself.

170 nominations for the 2013 Revolucionario Awards were received through February 25th, representing individuals from a variety of countries including the United States, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela. Submissions were accepted in three categories. The New Americano recognizes trendsetting individuals and organizations impacting the Latino market online. The Mobilizer category salutes Latinos using social media as a strategy to mobilize their audience behind local or international causes. Individuals redefining how Latinos are reached online, whether through a new app, website, or other digital tool, are celebrated in The Innovator category.

The award selection process is determined by three voting blocks: community vote (30%), internal leadership team (30%), and an external and independent panel of judges – Los Comandantes (40%). Votes cast by the online community totaled over 23,000. The Internal Leadership Team vote will ensure well-known nominees compete evenly with lesser-known entries. The final selection will be made by an influential group of industry leaders recruited to serve as Los Comandantes, the judges, who will choose two winners per category.

Nominations this year include: Pili Montilla, a regular host and producer for MundoFox; Axel Caballero, the director and producer of Cuentame, a non-profit media organization for the Latino community; Poderopedia, a crowd sourced data journalism platform that creates a map of the top businessmen and political figures in Chile. The winners will be announced the week of March 8th and will be recognized in the SXSW Interactive award program.

Visit www.thesocialrevolucion.com to learn more about The Social Revolucion and view the nominees.

Intern with CS

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Position:  Fall Internship with growing Multicultural Advertising and Communications Firm.

Description of Duties: Support our team in various exciting projects that include SXSW, clients in healthcare, education, non-profit, and new business opportunities that may come our way. You will get a wide range of experience from planning and research to creative execution.

Qualifications Sought: Inspiring, motivated, organized, detail-driven, confident and most of all positive. The ideal candidate will have an interest in the fields of marketing and advertising as well as an interest in reaching, and having a conversation, with a multicultural market.  Work isn’t based on a clock in/out schedule – we are thinkers and pursue solutions throughout our day- to-day lives. Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment is highly encouraged.

Schedule: Interns are required to work 10-20 hours (on average) per week. Flexible office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Benefits: Exposure to the workings of a full-service advertising, marketing, communications firm; also a unique opportunity to be exposed to industry trendsetters, lifetime scholars and simply put – how you get things done in such a competitive field.

Compensation: Unpaid or college credit if university program allows – the experience is invaluable.

To Apply: Please submit your resume with a cover letter to Jessika Gomez-Duarte at jgduarte@cultural-strategies.com.

Position is open until filled. 

‘Sleeping giant’ Latino vote yet to awaken

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By Dave Schechter, CNN Senior National Editor
updated 10:09 AM EDT, Thu May 31, 2012
Washington (CNN) — The first Latino president of the United States already has been born.

Henry Cisneros, the former San Antonio mayor who was secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the Clinton administration, made the suggestion three years ago in an interview with the Spanish-language news service EFE.

“I don’t know if he or she’s in elementary school or in law school or is already elected … to public office, but I believe that that person is already alive, and we’re 20 years or less away from having a Latino or Latina president,” said Cisneros, whose own path to higher office may have been derailed by personal scandal and who today is executive chairman of CityView, an urban development investment firm.

When the day comes that Cisneros predicted, the man or woman behind the resolute desk in the Oval Office will represent an ever-increasing segment of the population. Latinos (or Hispanics, the official government term) made up 15.5% of the U.S. population in 2010, but by 2050 they’re projected to approach 25% of the population.

The American, the online magazine of the American Enterprise Institute, calls the Hispanic electorate a “sleeping giant” yet to wake.

Latino vote may decide 2012 election Fight for the Latino vote in 2012 Latinos divided on same-sex marriage issue Rubio on winning Florida’s Hispanic voters

Whether or not Latinos’ percentage in the electorate has kept pace with their growth in the population — and the data indicates that at present it has not — it may one day be enough to sway elections from the statehouse to the White House and stops in between.

Not one ‘Latino vote’
Conventional wisdom lumps together “the Latino vote.” But that community includes millions of people claiming dozens of countries of origin, speaking more than just Spanish. It is not now — nor in the future — likely to be anything so homogenous.

Juan Guillermo Tornoe, owner of Hispanic Trending Inc., a marketing and advertising firm in Austin, Texas, and author of the Hispanic Trending blog, is “counting the days” until he is eligible to become a U.S. citizen in a couple of years and vote in a presidential election.

To access the rest of this story please visit CNN.

UNIVISION NEWS teams up with The social revolución at SXSW Interactive

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This year, South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive goes Urban Latin Contemporary with a Latino Lounge, After Party and Revolucionario Awards, Monday March 12 from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. at Carlos Santana’s Maria Maria.

As part of its commitment to serving Latinos across platforms and creating interactive experiences, Univision News has teamed up with The Social Revolución to be the title sponsor of the first official Latino event at SXSW Interactive Festival. In addition to partaking in the Latino Lounge, Revolucionario Awards and After Party, Univision News will bring the latest coverage of the event and all the happenings at SXSWi.

“We are experiencing some of the most interesting transformations of our time, where content consumption is ubiquitous and our nation faces a new American reality,” said Fernando Rodriguez-Vila, Univision News editor. “And we are thrilled to have our Univision News team be a part of the ‘social revolución,’ while continuing to lead the efforts of engaging communities across platforms and during live events.”

The Social Revolución is an interactive movement of Latinos using social media as their platform to create and inspire change. Premiering as the first official Latino event at 2012 SXSW Interactive, The Social Revolución features The Latino Lounge, Revolucionario Awards, and After Party all taking place at Maria Maria.

The After Party lineup includes Cósmica Artists & Records’ Charanga Cakewalk and David Garza. Charanga Cakewalk is one of Austin’s finest indie Latin bands with sounds reminiscent of Buena Vista Social Club, Ibrahim Ferrer, Manu Chao and Los Lobos, while David Garza is another Austin-based indie singer and songwriter who has performed at many hot spots. At one point, Garza was named after Stevie Ray Vaughn as Austin Musician of the Decade.

“I’ve played gigs all over the Austin area for 20 plus years,” said Garza. “As musicians, we’re always looking to new platforms to be creative and lead changes. The Latino Lounge and After Party does just that, which is why I’m here. It brings a new twist to SXSW and also recognizes those who have really made a difference using social media.”

Joining Charanga Cakewalk and Garza is one of Spain’s top recording artists, Sony Music US Latin’s Beatriz Luengo. Her first appearance at SXSW, Luengo is a singer, songwriter and actress, whose versatility shines in her performances with Tony Bennett, Justin Timberlake, Shaggy, Alejandro Sanz, Ziggy Marley, Reik’s Jesus Navarro and her husband, Yotuel Romero of the Cuban group, Orishas. She received four nominations to the MTV Europe Awards and was up for Video of the Year at the 2012 Premio Lo Nuestro.

Interviews with the artists, highlights from their concerts and the entire lineup at the Latino Lounge including the Revolucionario Awards can be accessed at UnivisionNews.tumblr.com and www.thesocialrevolucion.com.

Nominations for The Revolucionario Awards closed on February 27, and were open to individuals, groups, organizations or brands that have inspired change using digital platforms. Six finalists will be recognized at The Latino Lounge on March 12.

The Social Revolución is the brainchild of Cultural Strategies (www.cultural-strategies.com) who, in the spirit of social media, is collaborating with digital partners including Latina Lista, Latino Rebels, Twitteros, Juan of Words, Being Latino, The News Taco, Cósmica Artists, Giant Noise, Pachanga Fest, thebigtino, Cuéntame, The New Latina and Descuento Libre. Other sponsors of the event include Tr3s, Hispanicize, Indigo Project Media and Latino Metro.

Univision’s award-winning News division is committed to informing the country’s fastest growing segment across all media platforms, including TV, Radio and Interactive. Hispanics count with the latest and most relevant content that impact the community through its network and local programs; online and mobile coverage via Univision News Tumblr, UnivisionNews.tumblr.com/ and UnivisionNoticias.com as well as the latest updates in English via @UnivisionNews, and on facebook.com/UnivisionNews, and in Spanish via @UniNoticias and facebook.com/univisionnoticias.

The Social Revolución at SXSW Interactive featuring the Revolucionario Awards, Latino Lounge & After Party. March 12, 2012 Austin, Texas

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The First Social Revolución, Latino Lounge and Revolucionario Awards Launching at SXSW Interactive

AUSTIN (February 15, 2012) – South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive just turned up the heat a few notches.  An incubator of cutting-edge technologies, this year’s festival will feature the first official Latino Lounge and Revolucionario Awards March 12 at Carlos Santana’s Maria Maria restaurant.

As part of the nation’s premiere venue for the latest from the music and technology industries, SXSW Interactive will be the stage for the unveiling of The Social Revolución and Revolucionario Awards, an interactive movement of Latinos using social media as their platform to create and inspire change. The Revolucionario Awards recognize Latino visionaries using social media to create change, and the search is on through February.

“With so many inspiring Social Revolucionarios, we felt there was a need to honor our bright stars through the RevolucionarioAwards at SXSW’s first ever Latino Lounge,” said Sebastian Puente, founder of Cultural Strategies, a multicultural marketing and advertising firm based in Austin.

The Revolucionario Awards are open to nominees who have excelled in one of three areas. The first category is for trendsetters who impact the Hispanic market online and off. New Americanos who are redefining what it means to be Latino, and are influencing their online community from their multicultural perspective.

The second award entry classification is open to Latinos who mobilize their causes online and off fostering communities, spreading positive change and inspiring people to take action.

The third award category seeks innovators who redefine how to reach Latinos now and in the future. Forward thinking individuals or companies who are connecting with Latinos through revolutionary ideas and technologies that are authentic to the Latino market.

“Latinos tend to be much younger and open to adopting new technologies,” continued Puente.  “They seamlessly represent two worlds and are constantly redefining what it means to be Latino as trendsetters and innovators. They welcome the newest online tools to engage people in their networks and mobilize them to take action which is why we expect to see some world class entries.”

Among some of the nominees are a campaign in Mexico that accumulated 31,000 Portraits for Peace; a response to the Bastrop Wildfires; One Million Voices, an anti-terrorist Facebook movement in Colombia; and Vocabador, an educational app for students with a Lucha Libre theme.

A panel of judges will select six finalists who will be recognized at The Social Revolución Latino Lounge March 12 in Austin, TX.

The Social Revolución is the brainchild of Cultural Strategies who, in the spirit of social media is collaborating with digital partners including Latina Lista, Latino Rebels, Twitteros, Juan of Words, Being Latino, The News Taco, Cósmica Artists, Giant Noise, Pachanga Fest, Cuéntame and The New Latina.  Sponsors of the event include Tr3s, Hispanicize, and LatinoMetro.com.

Individuals, groups, organizations or brands that have inspired change can enter the awards by February 27 atwww.TheSocialRevolucion.com.